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On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 3:56 PM, Nathan Davis <nathandavis2121 at gmail.com>wrote:

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> Last year's conference was on 10/4,  so I think 10/10 would be perfect.

10/10 is a good day for me. And who doesn't like interesting date/pattern

> Some classes I think would be interesting and hopefully meet the needs of
> most pythonistas here would be:
> 1. A class on one of the Web Frameworks (Django, TurboGrears, etc) or
> Twisted.
> 2.  Something involving databases and Python (cx_Oracle, SQLAlchemy, etc)

Assuming I get my current personal project finished over the summer or
before that, I'll be working with Tkinter and SQLite. I currently don't have
a whole lot of database experience, but if I get this job over the summer,
I'll probably know a whole lot more about databases.

> 3.  Maybe a class comparing Python3000 vs Python 2.x series or some kind of
> "panel"  Q&A session where people are sharing their
> experiences/tips/problems.

That would really be interesting. I haven't played with Python3000 much, so
there's not a whole lot I know about it. Mainly that print is now a function
instead of a statement :)

> I know with all of us working together we can make pyAR09 BIGGER and better
> than 08.

I'll code to that! Or... something.

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