[PyAR2] Help regarding GIS python code

Sagar Mysorekar smysorekar at TNC.ORG
Wed Apr 8 18:37:07 CEST 2009

Hi Friends:


I was wondering if you guys can help me get started with my following
query please:


I have a lake FGDB feature class with ~ 26,000 records. I have census
blocks data (contains housing units) in a point format. I want to do

1.      Select blocks that are within 100 meters (eventually 300 meters
and 500 meters  as well) of EACH lake.

2.      Add a field preferably in the lakes feature class namely:
Urb_in100m (eventually Urb_in300m, Urb_in500m as well) with long integer

3.      For EACH lake, sum all the housing units from census blocks file
that are within 100 meters of that particular lake. Add the sum in the
lakes feature class next to respective lake that it belongs to (Repeat
the procedure for 300 meters and 500 meters).


Any guidance and help is appreciated. Just for the record I am a
beginner in Python programming and would want to learn it through this


I eagerly look forward to your reply.


Thanking you,



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