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Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 16:33:15 CEST 2009

Hello, Everyone -

After taking a few weeks off to get my daughter off to College, it's time
for me to start work on pyArkansas 2009.  Our planed date is Saturday,
November 14th at UCA.  We have Jacob Kaplan-Moss (the creator of the Django
web framework) and Gloria Jacobs scheduled to come as well as speakers from
the UCA and Hendrix Departments of Computer Science.  There will be room for
4 talks and open space as well.  I would like to see over 100 people attend
this year.

Here's what needs to get done. I can not emphasize enough that I can not do
all of this alone!  Last year we had Chad Cooper giving way too much of his
time, but he's moved to Texas and we're on our own.  I want to assure you
that you can do this.  The only requirement is that you want ot help out.  I
will help you (because I have a whole year experience :-).  There are a lot
of people who have told me they want this conference to go forward -- I do,
too -- but a miniconference is a community effort.  Time to step up!

To do ASAP

1.  We need to create a flier so we can get a mailing out to high
schools/colleges.  We have $500.00 pledged from the Conway Advertising and
Promotion (A&P) Commission that I was planning to use towards this.  Anyone
out there have the talent to create a 85.x11 "poster"?  If not, I have a
friend who owns a print shop that may be willing to help out.  Perhaps Char
Russell at the Chamber of Comerce has some contacts.  Who wants to take this

2.  We need to get requests for support out.  My employer, Novasys Health,
has indicated they are willing to help out, but we need someone to contact
local businesses (Acxiom, HP, SW Energy, etc.) requesting funds.  This is
extremely important!!  The Conway Chamber of Commerce has pledged help, but
we have to show that we are serious.  My initial budget called for about
$3,500.00 (some of which we may be able to get offset with "free" hotel
rooms, etc.).  Anyone want to take on fundraising?

3.  Jacob has indicated he would like to teach an "advanced" Django course.
Anyone out there willing to do a "Django 101" class?  Just sho how to create
a basic web site and Jacob will take it from there.

To Start On:

1.  Swag.  Everyone likes free stuff, and there are companies willing to
give it away!  Someone needs to contact O'Reilly, Manning, Wingware,
WearPython, etc. and ask for freebies.  This is, or can be, a really fun
position to take on.

2.  Promotion.  Get the word out to mailing lists, tweets, newspaper, tv,
anyone who will listen.  If you have contacts with any media outlet this may
be for you.

3.  Web site.  We have a presence on
http://pycamp.python.org/Arkansas/HomePage.  Who wants to keep it up to

I am going to contact Chad Rusell as well as some folks in town who he has
indicated may be in a position to help out.  I remain excited about this.

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