[PyAR2] pyArkansas Issues - We need *your* ideas.

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 02:02:13 CEST 2009

Hello Everyone,

Plans for pyArkansas 2009 are underway.  We have the following classes

   - Python 101 for Complete Beginners by Dr. Bernard Chen (UCA)
   - Python 101 for Programmers by Dr. Chuck Burch (Hendrix College)
   - Image Processing with Jython by Dr. Chenyi Hu (UCA).  A great
   introduction to Jython.
   - Python 201 (Intermediate topics) by Gloria Jacobs

We hope to get a 2 class (6 hour) tutorial on Web Development using Django
and that will leave us 3 hours for 4-45 minute talks and 3 hours for open
space (time for anyone wanting to speak to get their chance).

Our need now is to get an idea of what topics you would like to see in the
Gloria's class (Python 201).  I have suggested database topics and file
processing.  What else would you like to see in this class?
Modules/Packages?  Eggs?  Standard Library?  Gloria will prepare for the
topics we want to see and I'd like to take advantage of it!

I have also created a facebook page; pyAR^2 - Python Artists of Arkansas.
Link to it and use it for communication.  You can list what you would like
to see Gloria cover there as well.

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