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Sat Oct 3 21:19:19 CEST 2009

I am please, nay *thrilled* to announce the Gordon Fisher has agreed to  
present a 3-hour class on the Blender product at pyArkansas. Blender is the  
free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major  
operating systems under the GNU General Public License and allows you to  
make eye-popping presentations (check out www.blender.org). This is a  
wonderful development and we need to get word out to graphic art department  
(as well as anyone else interested). Taking Python 101 for Beginners in the  
morning and then Blender in the after noon would make for a great day,  
IHMO. This would also fit well with the Jython for Image Processing class.

The folks in the Blender community were wondering if we could get Gordon's  
presentation recorder to place on the Web. I have no clue what is involved  
with that but would like someone to look into it because I think it would  
be a nice resource for their community. Any takers? Do you think anyone at  
UCA (or Hendrix) would want to take it on as a class project?

Also, the registration page is up thanks to Nathan (I tweaked a couple of  
things, Nathan). Pop on over and sign up so we can shake out any bugs  
before we go "live". In particular, note that we are trying to get a handle  
on who wants to attend which classes. We are also collecting zip codes so  
we can plot them on a state map to show where people are coming from.

The posters are almost done (one more correction). I plan to get 500 copies  
make and then then get request for funds out to Novasys and anyone else we  
can think of (I'll work with Chad Russel on this). Then, nearly 400  
invitations will go out next week!

Six weeks from today!

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