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Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 15:04:10 CEST 2010

Hello Everyone.

School is just about to start, so it's time to get plans going for
pyArkansas 2010.  I went to pyOhio 2 weeks ago and am planning on going to
pyTexas in 2 weeks.  pyOhio was very impressive and I expect pyTexas to be,
too.  They both have active user communities; something that is not easy for
us because there really isn't a concentration of us in any one location.

Here are some questions for your consideration:

   1. Do we want to do this again?  I like the idea, but we have been unable
   to get any kind of meetings going and have been unable to get a web site
   up.  I know that the CARLUG group is rethinking even continuing.  Is this
   worth continuing?
   2. I haven't asked, yet, but I'm willing to bet cash money that UCA would
   host us again this year.  It really is a blessing to have their machines set
   up for our classes.  And they throw in a system admin, too.
   3. What about the format?  I'd like some "Open Space" this year to allow
   people to sign up for talks on the spot.  This is more like traditional
   conferences and can be a lot of fun.  The last 2 years we have had 3-hour
   classes in the morning and 1-hour talks in the afternoon.  Do we like that
   4. The largest expense -- by far -- has been bringing in 2 speakers each
   year.  I like the idea of bringing in experts from the community, but fund
   raising and budgeting is not my gift.  I would like to lean a little more on
   our local talent, if possible.  I know that Gloria Jacobs would like to
   come, again.  She does a lot of classes/conferences and there is a chance
   the folks at Hendrix College may want to use her again this year (last year
   she help a "Women in Technology" seminar at Hendrix on Friday night before
   the conference).  I'll get in touch with Dr. Birch, too.
   5. For the past 2 years we have had great -- GREAT -- support from the
   COnway Chamber of Commerce; in particular from Chad Cooper.  I read a couple
   months ago that Chad has left the Conway Chamber of Commerce.  Ill see if we
   can get a new champion there.
   6. Last year I sent a flier to every High School and College/University I
   could find on the Internet.  It was quote a bit of work and cost well over
   $500.00 (we received a grant from the Conway Advertising and Promotion
   committee).  We had GREAT turnout from the College/Universities (5 different
   schools and at least 18 people from Harding alone!).  I'd like to send out
   fliers, but electronically would be more efficient.  Any ideas?
   7. Who wants to help? Even if you have never done anything like this
   before, I'd really like your help.  I'll take the Coordinator position, but
   we could use:
      1. Program Committee - Work on getting speakers and setting up the
      2. Promotion  - Get the word out.  Two or more would be good here.
      3. Swag - Everyone likes getting free stuff and lots of stuff and many
      companies are willing to give if we ask.
      4. Budget - Raise money and write checks.  We won't need much $$ this
      year but, if you are good at asking, this is for you.
   8. What about dates?  We have normally met in late October or November.
   We need to avoid any UCA home football games (for obvious reasons).

I can't think of anything else.  The big question is #1; do we want to do
this?  If so, are YOU willing to step up and help out?

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