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Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 00:09:16 CEST 2010

pyArkansas is on for Saturday, October 16th, on the campus of UCA.  Once
again we will be hosted by Dr. Hu and the gang in the Department of Computer
Science and I would like everyone at some point to thank them; it is a HUGE
help to have them step up and support us each year.

For the program, I'd like to lean on Arkansas talent more than we have in
the past.  Gloria Jacobs (New York) has expressed interest in coming down
again and may do some work at Hendrix College and I'd like to ask Jeff Rush
from Texas to come speak, but the rest is us.  This will save up lots of $$
(also, it's time for us to stand as a user community).  This means I'd like
for people to prepare talks -- we'll have 30 and 60-minute slots available
-- on anything Python.  It would be good to have a class or two in the
morning for new users.

We will also hold one room for open space, where people can sign up on the
spot to give talks.  This is common in community conferences and you never
know what you'll get (both good and bad).

Anyone want to take a crack at a flier?  We'll get them printed on glossy
paper again because it looks really cool.  Dr. Burch (Hendrix College) has
agreed to take on getting the word out to Colleges/Universities.  I'll
handle local High Schools, but there are a lot of professionals out there
and we need to get to them!

I'll get a budget set up this weekend and then we can start asking for
support.  Anyone want to contact O'Reilley, Manning, and others for Swag?
I'll get the word out and send out a call for papers to present.  If you
have done anything or want to present on a particular topic (remember, we
have lots of beginners wanting to learn), please consider presenting.

Time to get to work,
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