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I'll help any way I can.  I'll contact a couple people I know from Acxiom HR.  As always NovaSys will give money for expenses.  

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On Aug 21, 2010, at 7:34 AM, Greg Lindstrom <gslindstrom at gmail.com> wrote:

> Good Morning, Everyone -
> pyArkansas is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th and once again, our friends at UCA have agreed to host us.  This is our 3rd pyArkansas and I'd like to start leaning on local talent more than we have in the past two years.  Part of that is because I think there are plenty of Python developers/user right here and the other is that the bast majority of our budget the past two years has been devoted to flying people in and housing feeding them.  I am going to pyTexas this Saturday and may ask Jeff Rush if he could come up (he was here in 2008) but, unless there is a huge cry from the masses, that will be it this year.
> Our format has been classes in the morning and talks in the afternoon.  This worked well when our primary thrust was to introduce Python to people but, as I mentioned, there are a lot of people using Python and we need to accommodate them as well.  To that end, I'd like to propose that we have at least 1 classroom devoted to talks or open space in the morning.  We need a "Python for Programmers" class for experienced coders to learn Python (Dr. Burch from Hendrix College has already offered to repeat his class from last year) and I'm torn on the "Python for Complete Beginners" class.  Dr. Chen (UCA) did a fantastic job teaching it last year but, if memory serves, we only had 4 people in it [however, one was a representative from Philander Smith College looking to evaluate Python for their CS curriculum!].
> I have been contacted by Michael Finch, EAST Lab Facilitator out of Greene County Tech High School (Paragould) about pyArkansas.  For those of you who are not aware, the EAST program -- Environmental And Spatial Technologies -- is an effort to get technology into High School classrooms and, I think, is a perfect fit for us.  Michael has stressed that they do not promote one technology over another, but is interested in making his students aware of pyArkansas; this may be a perfect opportunity for us to offer the "Python for Complete Beginners" class.  I've included him on this email and will  contact him separately to see how we can work together.
> If we are going to have talks, we need people to speak!  I will put together a "call for papers" and I need *YOU* to think about presenting something.  If can be on a specific Python topic (how to program objects, database, web) or on something cool where you have used Python.  I have even toyed with having 30-minute talks as well as 60-minute talks because I think we cold get more people to speak for shorted periods of time and I'd love to see all sorts of topics.  We will need to get a list of topics people would like to see.  I am working on getting our wiki up (friends from pyTexas are helping me with that).
> So, here's where we stand.  We need to get word out to everyone (Dr. Burch has volunteered to get word out to Universities/Colleges and I'm handling High Schools).  We need to get a wiki up (hopefully tomorrow) and then we can get a call for papers out.  I need someone to handle swag (if we want it); I can help out, but someone has to do the legwork (write email/make phone calls).  And we will need some $$.  I'll ask Novasys but does anyone have a contact at Acxiom or HP?  Anywhere else in Conway that we can think of?
> This may have repeated some of what I wrote two weeks ago, but I only received 2 responses.  If this is going to go forward, more people have to get involved!  Let me know what you want pyArkansas to be this year!
> --greg
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