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On Sat, Aug 21, 2010 at 10:35 AM, Wayne Werner <waynejwerner at gmail.com>wrote:

> 2010/8/21 Greg Lindstrom <gslindstrom at gmail.com>
> Good Morning, Everyone -
>> pyArkansas is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th and once again, our
>> friends at UCA have agreed to host us.  This is our 3rd pyArkansas and I'd
>> like to start leaning on local talent more than we have in the past two
>> years.  Part of that is because I think there are plenty of Python
>> developers/user right here and the other is that the bast majority of our
>> budget the past two years has been devoted to flying people in and housing
>> feeding them.  I am going to pyTexas this Saturday and may ask Jeff Rush if
>> he could come up (he was here in 2008) but, unless there is a huge cry from
>> the masses, that will be it this year.
> I really wanted to attend one of Gloria Jacobs' talks last year, but there
> was another class that I wanted just a little more, but I'm bummed that I
> missed it. This year, I think we should really push filming the talks so
> that it won't be so terrible to choose one talk over another. Do they record
> talks at PyCon? I'd be happy to contact whoever is in charge of that to see
> what advice they have.

I'll contact her to see if she can come.  She does not demand an honorarium,
but we would need to pick up air fare, hotel, car and meals.  I'll see if
she is available.

As far as taping the classes, it's  huge effort.  I'll talk to the folks at
pyTexas Saturday about it.

> If we are going to have talks, we need people to speak!  I will put
>> together a "call for papers" and I need *YOU* to think about presenting
>> something.  If can be on a specific Python topic (how to program objects,
>> database, web) or on something cool where you have used Python.  I have even
>> toyed with having 30-minute talks as well as 60-minute talks because I think
>> we cold get more people to speak for shorted periods of time and I'd love to
>> see all sorts of topics.  We will need to get a list of topics people would
>> like to see.  I am working on getting our wiki up (friends from pyTexas are
>> helping me with that).
> I've already offered, but again I'd be glad to give a talk/class on GUI
> programming. The 60 minute format would probably be ideal for that class. I
> could also give a 30 minute talk (or shorter) about some of the hardware
> interfacing I've done (webcams + PIL + numpy, Arduino, wii remotes).

I'll get a list started.  That would be an excellent class.

> I'm really looking forward to PyArkansas this year. As an aside, have we
> talked to the Texas Pythonistas to invite their attendance? I know that
> happened the first year and our attendance suffered because of it.

Taken care of Saturday. I hope to get some up to give talks.


> -Wayne
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