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Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Sun Jun 27 15:50:11 CEST 2010

It's time to start thinking about pyArkansas 2010.  pyOhio is th end of next
month (I'm going to give a talk, btw) and pyTexas is in August (and I hope
to go there as well).  We'll need to pick a date and I'll contact Dr. Hu at
UCA to see if they will host us again this year.  I"ll also get in touch
with Chad Russel at the Chamber of Commerce to see if they'd like to help us
out.  We need to make sure we thank both of these guys for all of their

Do we want to have the same basic setup as the last two years; class focused
presentations?  Or should we have more open space where people sign up to
speak on what they are doing with Python?  Are there other things we want to
do?  Last year Chad offered "the big room" at the Chamber for Saturday
evening.  Do we want to do something then/there?  I'd still really like a
web site for us?  Anyone want to step up and take that on?  We have some
limited $$ for it.

And as far as money, the largest expense by far we have is bringing in
speakers.  If we bring someone in, what topics would you like to see
addresses?  Last year we brought Jacob Kaplan-Moss to speak on the Django
Web Framework and Gloria Jacobs spoke on Advanced Python topics.  Each
speaker costs us air fare, hotel and food as well as a small ($300.00) fee
we give for their time.  I have a couple ideas but would like yours, first.

I'd like to send out 2 fliers to Arkansas schools this year; one at the
start of the school year and another 2-weeks before the conference.  Does
anyone have information on the EAST program in the schools.  IIRC, it
focuses on technology issues and may be worth looking into.

I will be extremely busy at work this fall as we have just been bought out
and have many new clients to get up and running, so I'd like help with any
of the following:

   - Program Chair - I'll take the overall lead again this year
   - Promotion/Advertising - Get the word out. Also get a flier made up.
   - Fund Raising - One we get a budget we need to raise the money to make
   it happen
   - Swag/Giveaways - Round up stuff that we can give away.

Last year we had at least 5 Colleges/Universities represented; that's pretty
cool.  Let's try to get more this year.

Let me know what you want the conference to be (and how you will help make
it so!).

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