[PyAR2] Python Teaching Gig in Portland? (Jeff Rush)

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 14:15:14 CET 2011

This was posted on the Texas list; I didn't think it would hurt to forward:

A bit of a strange request I know, but we have a diverse set of folks
here on these Python lists, and someone might know someone who can help.
Jeff Rush

Hello ? My name is John Buesseler and I am responsible for a bunch of
non-credit computer classes at PCC.  I am in a bit of a pickle?  We are
offering a 15 hr class on Python starting next Monday and I need an
instructor!  The instructor who was originally scheduled to teach this
is unavailable.  We have 5 students, enough to run the class.  But I
need an instructor.

If you are curious enough to have continued reading, here are the details:

Course Description:  CEU935J Django

Django is a powerful web development framework for the Python
programming language. It combines leading-edge data modeling with a
highly modular design and a rich library of snap-in features, allowing
for rapid results and code reuse. For this reason it's used by
organizations ranging from NASA to PBS to the Washington Post and is a
key component of Google App Engine, which allows web apps to run on
Google infrastructure. Highly recommended: prior Python or other
object-oriented programming experience as well as HTML or XML.

Pay:                       15 hr class x $40/hr = $600
time:                     6-9 pm, Mondays, 24 Jan through 21 Feb
Location:              Willow Creek Center, Room 215
                               241 SW Edgeway Dr (near 185th and
Baseline, next to the MAX station)
                               Beaverton,OR  97006

If you are interested or can recommend someone who might be available to
teach this, please let me know ASAP.  I can be reached at 971.722.2899,
or john.buesseler at pcc.edu


John Buesseler | Applications Program Coordinator
PCC CLIMB Center for Advancement
Willow Creek Center Rm 210
241 Edgeway Dr.
Beaverton, Or 97006
503.533.2899 | john.buesseler at pcc.edu
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