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Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 15:22:06 CEST 2012

Hello Pythonistas,

Plans for pyArkansas 2012 are will underway.  We will be meeting on October
27 and will use the UCA conference center to accommodate the growth we have
seen over the past 4 years.  This will give us the opportunity to present
more topics for the day and we need your help.

What classes do you want to see?

Anything Python related is on the table; if we get enough requests for a
topic we will either put together a class or look for an outside speaker.
If you know a topic, perhaps you could present a talk.  You don't have to
be an expert on the topic and all speakers will get the coveted "pyArkansas
2012" polo shirt as a thank you gift.

What topics/areas are you interested in?

   - Beginning Python (for programmers and/or non-programmers)
   - Intermediate Python (standard library, objects, packages, etc.)
   - Web programming (Django?)
   - GIS (and what topics?)
   - Database?
   - Games?
   - Astronomy?
   - Robotics?
   - Computer Graphics?
   - Desktop GUI applications (wxPython)?
   - Anything Python!!!

Have you done something really cool using Python?  Sign up for a slot and
tell us!  We'd LOVE to see how Python is being used in Arkansas.

If we are to present the classes you want to see we need to know what you
want to see.  And let us know if you want to help organize things; there's
lots to do and you don't need to be an expert (we'll teach you :-).

We're looking forward to a great day and hope you will be able to make it.
Look for details on our new web site, soon.

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