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Steve Holden sholden at holdenweb.com
Wed Dec 18 20:40:37 EST 2002

Christian Tismer wrote:
> Chris Johnson wrote:
> > I am interested in attending a sprint.
> >
> > Why:
> >
> > I am a newbie to python and programming. I have played with asp and php
> > taken vb classes so I  get the basics of programming.
> >
You'll take to Python like a duck to water, then.

> >  I bet i could learn a lot just watching the code come out and hearing
> > discussion about the app.
> >
That's one of the reasons I'm planning to attend.

> > I am coming to pycon just hopeing to learn more becouse greping from
> > is not a learning style I utilize well. Watching others and listening is
> > way I learn best. I have no python mentors here where I live.
> >
That's a pity. Have you tried http://python.meetup.com/, I wonder? Certainly
conferences are great for through-the-face conversations about the things
you want to learn.

> > Are newbie's welcome ?
> >
Definitely. Encouraged, even.

> > Is this a cool way to learn the pythonic way ?
> I think so.
> Maybe even cooler if a couple of oldtimers join the sprint?
I believe that one of the ideas behind the sprint(s) is to transfer skills
and knowledge. It's expected that the main benefit will be to the Python
core, but there's a lot of Python code even in that.

I am also personally interested in improving my Agile Development skills
(sprints, scrums, XP techniques, &c., &c.) so I'm hoping there'll be some of
that. I am also hoping that the sprints and/or the conference presentations
will help me to better understand how to use CVS and the other development

One of my lightning talk ideas is simply explaining how to get started with
ssh - establishing a private/public key pair and distributing the public key
to machines you need remote access to.

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