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Steve Holden sholden at holdenweb.com
Wed Dec 18 21:08:25 EST 2002

Brett Cannon
> [Steve Holden]
> > Christian Tismer wrote:
> > > Chris Johnson wrote:
> > > > I am interested in attending a sprint.
> > > >
> Ditto here.  How is this going to be handled?  My impression from reading
> about the Zope sprints was that people came in and did XP-style hacking on
> the core code.  I assumed that meant you had to already know a good amount
> about the core, but this little discussion has led me to think I was wrong
> about that assumption.
> Obviously not everyone can do the sprints.  This is going to be a queue
> sign-up?  Or is Jeremy going to decide who gets to do it?  If the word is
> spread that anyone can do them regardless of abilities then the sprints
> might have a rather large inflow of people wanting to do it.
> And if anyone can do it regardless of skill base, then I want to be on the
> list behind Chris.  =)

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