[Pycon-interest] Talk proposal: Using reST

Patrick K. O'Brien pobrien@orbtech.com
Tue Nov 26 03:22:33 2002

On Monday 25 November 2002 08:29 pm, Steve Holden wrote:
> I'm wondering where the assumption that PyCon is for Python
> developers comes from? I don't ever remember writing anything that
> implied it was a developers' conference.
> I think it will be very useful to have the support of the developers,
> but I thought the main purpose was to run a conference that would
> attract attendance from those who couldn't make it to the IPCs for
> reasons of cost. While I hav only attended one IPC, I got the
> impression that a large portion of the development team was there,
> and I presume they will also be planning to attends OSCON.
> Summary: developers will be a welcome mainstay for PyCon, but I
> certainly wouldn't want any of the publicity to suggest that if you
> aren't a Python developer you won't find the conference interesting.
> "Popularizing Python" is also intended to make the language more
> popular in the user community.

I know I made that assumption. I'm not sure what gave me that 
impression. I'm sure it wasn't anything you wrote. Most likely just the 
conversation on this list.

On the other hand, you might be drawing a distinction that I didn't 
intend in my previous message. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by 
"Python developer" vs. "user community". I only meant to say that this 
conference would likely be attended by people who write programs with 
Python, as opposed to those who write programs in other languages, like 
VB or Perl or Java. I didn't expect that we'd really attract that many 
people who just had a passing interest in Python. But if I'm making a 
bad assumption please let me know. I meant no harm. :-)

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