[Pycon-interest] Object-relational mapping tutorial

Steve Holden sholden at holdenweb.com
Sun Jan 12 11:06:01 EST 2003

[Shane Hathaway]
> I'd like to run a tutorial on the new object-relational mapping framework
> in the AdaptableStorage Zope product.  I presented a paper on
> AdaptableStorage at OSCON last July, and it went over well, but the
> software wasn't ready to use at the time.  Now the project has matured
> enough that people can start building their own object-relational
> mappings.
> The feature that sets this O/R mapping framework apart from others is that
> it integrates well with ZODB.  Developers can take advantage of quick
> development with an object-oriented database and later switch their
> application to store in a relational database or any other data store.  I
> believe this framework, used with ZODB, addresses the need to separate
> storage details from the application itself.
> I'd like to teach the attendees how to use the framework, along with ZODB,
> in their own projects.  A tutorial setting would give me a better
> opportunity to interact with attendees than a talk would.  I've never
> given a tutorial at a conference before, but I've presented papers before
> and I have teaching experience.
> By the way, the conference sounds very exciting, regardless of the number
> of attendees.  There are so many good things happening in the world of
> Python, and it will be a great chance to talk with Pythonistas
> from all over.


Such a presentation would be very welcome. It will be particularly that the
presentation isn'tZope-specific, since object-relational mappings are of
interest to a much wider community.

Thanks for your interest: do you plan to submit an outline this week, or do
you just want us to allocate a time slot and then dun you for materials when
we're looking for finished papers?

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