[Pycon-interest] Schedule now available in iCal format

David Goodger goodger at python.org
Wed Feb 1 23:02:15 CET 2006

I took a look at the code and compared an iCal-generated .ics file
with the PyCon schedule.ics.  I think the problem has to do with this

    print >>output, 'UID:%s@%s' % (date, 'pycon.org')
    print >>output, 'SEQUENCE:1'
    # XXX what are these two?
    print >>output, 'DTSTAMP:%s' % date
    print >>output, 'DURATION:PT%iM' % duration

I assume that the strangely-positioned comment refers to the two lines
*above* it, because the two below are OK.  RFC 2445 gave me some

4.6.4 Free/Busy Component


"UID" and "DTSTAMP" properties are specified to assist in proper
sequencing of multiple free/busy time replies.

""" Unique Identifier

   Property Name: UID

   Purpose: This property defines the persistent, globally unique
   identifier for the calendar component.

""" Date/Time Stamp

   Property Name: DTSTAMP

   Purpose: The property indicates the date/time that the instance of
   the iCalendar object was created.


   Description: The value MUST be specified in the UTC time format.

Also, the RFC's grammar specifies CRLF line endings, so I added a
wrapper for sys.stdout (is there an easier way, idiom, or "one true
way" to do this?).

So I've fixed up parse_sched.py to produce unique IDs (UID values),
based on a combination of date, time, & room of the event, which must
be unique.  Also removed extra spaces after "LOCATION:" and "SUMMARY:"
labels.  Now in iCal 1.5.5 the calendar looks *much* better.

Check-in in 5 minutes.

David Goodger <http://python.net/~goodger>

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