[Pycon-interest] Remaining merchandise

A.M. Kuchling amk at amk.ca
Wed Mar 1 00:37:03 CET 2006

For all of the following merchandise, please just ask me.  I'm
spending most of my time in Preston Trail III, so you can usually find
me there.

There are four travel mugs still available; cost is still $10/each.

The printed tutorial notes are still available for $25.  If you don't
want to carry a heavy binder, I think there are a few extra unbound
copies of the notes; let's say $10, or make me an offer.  Tutorial
speakers get a free copy, too.

There are still some tote bags; if you want an extra, just ask.

We still have staff shirts; if you're a volunteer or a session chair,
please drop by to collect one.

There are also two mugs whose boxes have disappeared; they're probably
the demo mugs that were sitting on the counter and pawed over by every
single attendee.  I'll let those two go for half-price if anyone wants


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