[Pycon-volunteers] Greetings Volunteers!

Douglas Napoleone doug.napoleone at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 16:45:54 CET 2013

*Welcome Volunteers!*

Thank you, all, who've stepped up to volunteer - you are the foundation of
the PyCon community!

There is a speaker and volunteer orientation, Thursday evening, at 8:00pm,
after the swag bag stuffing party, in the Green Room. If you are unable to
attend the meeting, that is fine. Instead please stop by the Green Room,
preferably in the morning between 7:00am and 9:00am. The Green Room is
located in the 212 meeting room on the second floor above registration.

Small deeds can make a big difference.

The Lunch room has changed for Wednesday and Thursday , and all the signs
and print materials are wrong. We'll need some help directing people for
lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.  <1hr.  You will not miss lunch yourself.
Signup: http://goo.gl/V1Ilr

We still have 15 open Session Staff positions for both runners and chairs.
If you have not, please considersigning up for one of the remaining slots.

While you're at it, grab some Tutorial Host slots too - same deal:  direct
people to get to the right rooms on time.
Short; easy; helpful.

Here are low commitment needs we have:

   - WED-SAT:  Registration desk (an hour or two at the peak times can
   really make a difference);
      - http://goo.gl/y5cXA
   - WED-THU: Tutorial greeters - help get people to their tutorials;  <1hr
   - WED-THU: Lunch Hosts (direct people);  <1hr
      - http://goo.gl/V1Ilr
   - THU 4-8pm: SWAG - *Stuff 10 Bags!*  (~1/2 hr; but can be fun,
   addictive!); -* just show up!*

Links to information and signups are at
Check current needs at http://goo.gl/P3CAm

Don't take on too much - what you do helps and is enough!
Remember to encourage others to volunteer.
My first PyCon someone tossed me a volunteer shirt:  "I'm not a volunteer."
  "You are now!"
A half-hour or hour of time isn't much, and it's a great way to meet people
you might not otherwise meet.

Remember to have lots of fun.   Don't forget to check "events" on guidebook

See you in Santa Clara!

- Yarko
PyCon 2013 Volunteer Coordinator
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