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    There is a bug (that Eldarion is still working on) which has some
session staff names coming up as blank. Look for sessions which do not list
the position:


On Sat, Mar 9, 2013 at 4:40 PM, Matti Picus <matti.picus at gmail.com> wrote:

>  I am already chairing one session, I tried to sign on to chair this one
> as well https://us.pycon.org/2013/schedule/session/6/ but it seems the
> option to sign on as "session chair" is not available for me (I am logged
> in, my name appears on the page's upper right corner). Can I only chair one
> session? Is there some other problem with this page?
> Matti Picus
> On 9/03/2013 5:45 PM, Douglas Napoleone wrote:
> *Welcome Volunteers!*
>  Thank you, all, who've stepped up to volunteer - you are the foundation
> of the PyCon community!
> There is a speaker and volunteer orientation, Thursday evening, at 8:00pm,
> after the swag bag stuffing party, in the Green Room. If you are unable to
> attend the meeting, that is fine. Instead please stop by the Green Room,
> preferably in the morning between 7:00am and 9:00am. The Green Room is
> located in the 212 meeting room on the second floor above registration.
>  Small deeds can make a big difference.
>  The Lunch room has changed for Wednesday and Thursday , and all the
> signs and print materials are wrong. We'll need some help directing people
> for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.  <1hr.  You will not miss lunch
> yourself.  Signup: http://goo.gl/V1Ilr
> We still have 15 open Session Staff positions for both runners and chairs.
> If you have not, please considersigning up for one of the remaining slots.
>  While you're at it, grab some Tutorial Host slots too - same deal:
>  direct people to get to the right rooms on time.
> Short; easy; helpful.
>  Here are low commitment needs we have:
>    - WED-SAT:  Registration desk (an hour or two at the peak times can
>    really make a difference);
>       - http://goo.gl/y5cXA
>    - WED-THU: Tutorial greeters - help get people to their tutorials;
>     <1hr
>    - WED-THU: Lunch Hosts (direct people);  <1hr
>       - http://goo.gl/V1Ilr
>    - THU 4-8pm: SWAG - *Stuff 10 Bags!*  (~1/2 hr; but can be fun,
>    addictive!); -* just show up!*
>  Links to information and signups are at
> http://us.pycon.org/2013/about/volunteers
> Check current needs at http://goo.gl/P3CAm
>  Don't take on too much - what you do helps and is enough!
>  Remember to encourage others to volunteer.
>  My first PyCon someone tossed me a volunteer shirt:  "I'm not a
> volunteer."   "You are now!"
>  A half-hour or hour of time isn't much, and it's a great way to meet
> people you might not otherwise meet.
>  Remember to have lots of fun.   Don't forget to check "events"
> on guidebook (guidebook.com).
>  See you in Santa Clara!
>  --
> Regards,
> - Yarko
>   PyCon 2013 Volunteer Coordinator
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