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Douglas Napoleone doug.napoleone at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 11:49:17 CET 2013


    Thank you, everyone, for volunteering to help out. PyCon is a 100%
volunteer run effort, and it would not be possible without you. While the
volunteer organizers and staff plan things out before the event, once it
starts, all of the real work is done by you; the onsite- volunteer. Without
your hard work and sacrifice, there would not be a PyCon. As PyCon grows it
has become harder and harder to remain a volunteer effort, but everyone
involved feels this is critical to the community nature of the event. This
year we have expanded the size of the conference by 20%. 20% more people,
20% more talks, 20% more special events. Of course this means 20% more
volunteer slots and 20% more volunteers. And the community has come
through. I am once again amazed and humbled.

For those of you whom have joined in the past few days, there are a few
things you should know:

* OPS, and the Green room are in the 200 area rooms on the 2nd floor above
the main lobby.
* For those arriving early, we will be doing setup in OPS, starting today.
Most of the real work will start tomorrow, Tuesday. Feel free to stop by
and say hello.
* The green room is open to you for the duration of the conference
* For those helping out with registration or tutorials on Wednesday and
Thursday, please stop by OPS when you can and ask for Yarko, Stuart, or
Doug to receive instructions.
* After the bag stuffing party on Thursday (4pm in the 200 rooms), there
will be an orientation for speakers, session staff, and general volunteers
(8:00pm). Please try to attend both if you can.
* There is still a bug in the session staff app, where some people are
showing up as a blank string. The web team is working on a fix.
* Please feel free to use this list to communicate issues and problems, as
well at the #pycon irc channel on freenode.net
* I (Doug Napoleone) can be reached directly at
doug.napoleone at gmail.comand via my cell phone: 1-774-644-0049

We still have 15 open slots for session staff, and registration can always
use more help. We can fill in these slots by recruiting people on-site.
Please spread the word.

Once again, thank you all for stepping forward. Lets have a fantastic

    -Doug Napoleone
     PyCon 2013 Head of Operations
     PSF Board of Directors
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