[Pycon-volunteers] Help Needed for Thursday

Yarko Tymciurak yarkot1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 04:48:47 CET 2013

Hello Volunteers -

   - Thursday is a big day - there's SWAG, which is a big task, but a
   social event.  If it's your first  PyCon, you'll probably meet more people
   here than....

Also, Thursday late afternoon may be a rush on registration, as people
really start piling in.

Here's what we have going on:

   - Morning (8:30):   I need one person who will get 2 bottles of water to
   each tutorial room, to the instructor's podium area.
      - water bottles are in the green room;
      - you may need to find a bag / box so you can do this in one quick
      - Please reply to this email to volunteer for either morning or
      afternoon "water" task!
   - Afternoon sessions (1:00):   one person (the same - water to
   instructor stations)

   - 2-3 people to staff Registration at the 3PM, 4PM; and 5PM slots.

   - 8-10 people:  4:30PM  at the exit of tutorials (4:40) to invite people
   to "BAG 10" at Swag
      - Swag is in Rm. 200 - the open area where the Green Room, Sponsor
      Tutorials, etc. are, which is upstairs, behind Registration
   - SWAG -   Please come help with SWAG, and encourage others.
      - You can stay as long as you like, or come, leave, come back - but I
      ask you at least stuff 10 SWAG BAGS.

That's all I can think of at the moment for Thursday.

Note:   If / when you don't know how to help, remember: you can be a worker
bee (and do what told), or you can be a social bee, and take initiave.
One of the most useful things is to be able to help people when they don't
know where to go.   A good exercise:

   - Study the Event Schedule (available @ Registration);
   - In particular, open and study "SERVICES AND SPECIAL EVENTS"
   for Thursday, and be sure you know what is going on, and where that is.
   - Then, walk around and look for people look "lost" or puzzled, and ask
   if you can help them find something.

This, throughout the conference, is a most useful way to volunteer and meet
people (and you might make some friends too!).

NOTE:  For the main conference:

   - We still are in need of 11 Session Runners, and one Char for the
   conference proper.
      - Please see http://us.pycon.org/2013/schedule/sessions to spot the
      needs are (click on the Session number to volunteer;

Thank you for your continued help, and see you all tomorrow!

Friday morning is a _really_ big day! :-)
- Yarko
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