[Pycon-volunteers] Open Source Django Volunteer App

Yarko Tymciurak yarkot1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 14:52:45 EST 2016

Hello Hannes,

Thanks for the info on the app.  As you may know, the PyCon site is already
run by a django app.  Since volunteering is something that runs full cycle,
and since that django site is maintained by a 3rd party for the PyCon
committee, it may be a little late to get that in place for this year's

That said, Chris - if you want to look at github.com/PyCon/pycon and clone,
integrate your app, that would be a first step. Rami, who will be stepping
in as volunteer coordinator moving forward, will be able to work with you
more, especially after he gets this year of experience under his belt.

I would point out the spreadsheet way of signup and scheduling (an
exception is the session staff, which is already managed in the site) is
simple.  In practice, what happens is that perhaps as many as 20% of people
don't show for the time slots they sign up for, so walking around onsight
and doing on the spot "hallway recruiting" is part of the reality of
coordinating volunteers.

I'm sure past experience is nothing more than a guide, and that you and
Rami will improve much on the system.

Thanks again! PyCon is made of the efforts of volunteers like you, and me.


On Sunday, January 17, 2016, Hannes Hapke <hannes.hapke at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Yarko, hi Rami,
> My name is Hannes and I am volunteering for the PyCon poster committee. I
> wanted to introduce to you Chris Freeman (in CC) who is the author of an
> open source volunteer app (fully written in Django). Chris' app streamlines
> the volunteer coordination (registration, shift selection, announcements,
> etc.). The app is free and was field-tested in various conferences (e.g.
> multiple years of Open Source Bridge, local Python conference PyDX, and
> soon used by the TechNW conference).
> I noticed that the volunteer coordination last year was mostly based on
> spreadsheets, so maybe you can give Chris' open source project a try. He is
> also an active member of the local Python group and could provide tech
> support during the conference or with the app deployment.
> Maybe the community around this amazing open source project could grow if
> more people could see the app in action at PyCon.
> If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Chris (
> Chris.freeman.pdx at gmail.com
> <javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','Chris.freeman.pdx at gmail.com');>).
> See you at PyCon in Portland,
> Hannes
> ---
> Hannes Hapke
> p: +1-503-425-9586
> t: @hanneshapke
> w: hanneshapke.github.io
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