[Pycon-volunteers] New onsite volunteer coordinator joins the team

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Mon Feb 12 19:33:15 EST 2018

Welcome Ned, and thank you for filling in this vacancy.

I’m interested in improving the perceived “standing” of Open Spaces at PyCon this year and would love to hear what if anything we can collaborate on to do so.

Speaking with Trey Hunner previously, the following “ideas” came out:

Ideas for initiatives:
  - More visible information in announcements, handouts, signs around the conference center.
  - Include a grid in schedule for each day. “Check a box for spaces you’re interested in as you’re viewing the board.” Maybe some space to write a bit more next to it?
  - TwitterBot?! Improvements for this year? Allow some access for Chairs like Open Spaces/Programming Committee etc to highlight what’s coming out of their work. Trey noted that PSF-Marketing Group has tool for managing social media accounts in the works. (Sprout Social?)

I’d love to hear your thoughts and am excited to support you!

-Ernest W. Durbin III
Chair - PyCon US 2018
On February 12, 2018 at 12:08:08 PM, Ewa Jodlowska (ewa at python.org) wrote:

Hey folks - 

Ned Jackson Lovely has stepped up to help with onsite volunteer coordination. Unfortunately, Jamiel cannot make it to PyCon 2018. 

I am currently gathering info from PyCon Charlas for their needs and will update the team soon. 

Welcome, Ned! Thanks for helping out.
Jamiel: we hope to see you have PyCon 2019!

Best wishes,


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