[Pycon-volunteers] Volunteer counts looking good!

Rami Chowdhury rami.chowdhury at gmail.com
Thu May 3 16:41:47 EDT 2018

Hey folks,

Just a quick update on where we are staffing-wise. Especially after the 
"Important Information" reminder email went out to everybody, mentioning 
our need for volunteers, we are looking _much_ better on all fronts.

We're at about 75% overall, and still need a bit of help on:

  - Session Staff: this is our biggest gap right now. There are still 
some unstaffed sessions, and we are still short some runners.
  - Green Room: we're still a bit short Friday morning and Sunday afternoon.
  - Registration Desk: looks pretty good overall, still with a bit of a 
shortfall on Thursday afternoon.
  - Swag Handout: almost there! A bit more help Friday afternoon 
wouldn't go amiss.

We also need 1 (just one!) greeter for the Language Summit on Wednesday 
and 2 (just two!) participant timers for the 5K.

I'm going to keep mentioning these on social media and hope y'all will 
pick them up with a retweet or two when you see them!


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