[Pycon-volunteers] Updating the PyLadies Auction Volunteers Spreadsheet

Douglas Napoleone doug.napoleone at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 13:58:30 EDT 2019


    I am VERY late in doing this, but I would like to add some roles for
the auction it's self.
I have some new roles which we should start managing in a more official
way, and it looks like
I will not be at PyCon next year. It is better to get this more formalized

But I didn't want to just start modifying the spreadsheet on you without
warning :-)

Additional timeline:

Door Tickets (2) - Help manage the collection of tickets at the door at
start of the auction.
Auction Runner (3) -  Help display items to attendees during auction
Raffle Tickets (3) - Help with handing out of raffle slips and collection
of money
Packaging Station (1) - Help auction winners package their items with free
supplies available.

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