[pycon-za] Getting the programme rolling

Simon Cross simon.cross at praekeltfoundation.org
Wed Aug 1 01:49:24 CEST 2012


We're close to the point where we'll be calling for talks so I'd like
to start a discussion about what kinds of things we'd like to be on
the programme. The final programme obviously depends on finding
speakers but I think we need to know what sorts of talks to push. I've
started by listing of topics that seemed important to me below. Things
that I thought we might want tutorials on I've marked with "(T)"
although since tutorials are longer, space for those in the programme
is going to be limited.

If anyone has any topics to add, or thoughts on the direction of the
programme, please reply.

Possible topics:

Core Python:
* Python packaging (T)
* Unit testing (T)
* Python performance

Web development:
* Django (T)
* GeoDjango
* Flask

Python for science, engineering and data crunching:
* Scipy
* Numpy
* Pypy
* Pandas
* Spatial Data Infrastructures

Python development for Mobiles:
* Writing Android applications in Python
* Mobile messaging with Python
* Django for mobi sites (T)
* Embedded Python

Backend Python:
* Twisted
* Managing Cloud Servers (Fabric, Boto)
* Monitoring (Diamond, Carbon, Graphite)
* Writing Scalable Python programs

Storing data:
* SQLAlchemy
* SQLObject
* Accessing NoSQL datastores from Python

Community development:
* Getting involved with Python projects
* Why you should take part in PyWeek

People doing things with Python:

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