[pycon-za] Quicket integration with the PyCon ZA site

Simon Cross simon.cross at praekeltfoundation.org
Thu Aug 16 14:24:01 CEST 2012


So Ruan kindly integrated Quicket into the site at fairly short notice
but I'm not sure the whole thing was ever really thought through
properly from our side.

What we had before was: user signs up, user is automatically sent
invoice (Hanno and Celeste CC'ed), user receives invoice and pays via
EFT, Hanno and Celeste reconcile and email Wendy, Wendy marks people
as paid in the Django admin interface.

What we have now in QA is: user signs up and enters details and
selects registration type, user taken to Quicket widget on PyConZA
site and selects registration type again, user is transferred to
Quicket and enters details again, user pays Quicket by credit card or


1) Are we happy with Quicket as the only payment method? Specifically,
are we happy with receiving something like R100k three days after the

2) Are we happy with users entering the registration type twice?
Should we remove one or will someone volunteer to fix errors and
reverse payments somehow (is this possible with Quicket?)? Removing
one means we rely on Quicket for payment.

3) Are we happy with users entering their details twice? If we remove
one, are we happy maintaining the database of registrations entirely
in Quicket? Who will migrate the current sign-ups across?

4) How do we match who has paid with the database in Django? Wendy,
are you happy to do this?

5) What happens if someone buys multiple tickets via Quicket in a
single transaction?

6) The direct EFT details are currently still on the site (under
About). If we're not using them they should be removed.

7) Some people will have Quicket tickets. Do those mean anything? Are
we using tickets? Do people who signed up elsewhere get tickets?

8) What happens if someone buys tickets on Quicket without signing up
via us at all?

Before we make the Quicket stuff live we need a plan for how all of
the logistics around it are going to work.


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