[pycon-za] Official call for speakers

Neil Muller drnlmuller at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 15:59:29 CEST 2012

Since the website is now running, and we seem to have settled on a
final submission deadline, we need to send out a call for speakers
real soon now (tm).

I'd like to see that sent out no later than Wednesday.

We probably need a quick go-round on the actual text beforehand - I
expect we can lift a lot of the details from other pycon call for
speakers and just fill in a few pycon-za specific bits, so that should
not be too hard to do.

The current list of places to send it to is, AFAIK:

* python-announce
* clug
* ctpug
* LEAD (durban Linux group)
* glug
* gapugsa
* Code bridge
* Ubuntu ZA

The list is a bit linux-centric though - any other groups we could hit?

Neil Muller
drnlmuller at gmail.com

I've got a gmail account. Why haven't I become cool?

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