[pycon-za] Getting PyCon ZA off the ground

Neil Muller drnlmuller at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 10:12:10 CET 2012

We need to settle on the date real soon now. The 4th & 5th October
option looks good to me, so I think we should commit to that date and
start planning from there.

We also need some rough numbers for rates we're going to charge
attendees, and number of people we'd like to see to work with. From
the academic side, I'd like to see the rates kept as low as possible -
this isn't going to be a peer reviewed conference [1], so people
aren't going to be nearly as willing to spend money to send students
to it, and most of the interesting scientific python work locally is
being done by the students.

[1] Given the time-frame, I doubt anything more than a minimal
abstract submission with review is workable.

Neil Muller
drnlmuller at gmail.com

I've got a gmail account. Why haven't I become cool?

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