[Pycon2005-attendees] Announcing Availability of Track 1 and 2 Audio Recordings for PyCon 2005

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Mon Jun 6 22:55:30 CEST 2005

Bruce, I'm very sorry about this.  I agree with you and will restrict access 
to all release forms as soon as we regain access to the site.

For the past two weeks, no one has been able to log into the box via ssh.  Our 
host, iMeme, has been contacted but is unresponsive.  Access stopped around 
the time they moved all of their servers, when they deleted our account and 
changed the IP address w/o updating the DNS, because our donated account 
wasn't attached to a paying customer.  They've since restored the account and 
we've updated the DNS, but ssh still doesn't work.

The web portion has been up and down and, as of the time of this email, is 
down.  Upon receipt of your email I was going to jump into Zope and write a 
patch to skip over release forms.  As soon as the site it back up, I will do 
this.  Promise.

The sysadmins of pycon are concerned about this wave of instability and are 
pondering options.  Such an outage during or immediately preceding PyCon 
would be disasterous.  Suggestions are welcome but please don't offer your 
personal webserver.  PyCon needs a professionally run, 24/7 support server 
that let's precious Python volunteer talent focus on content instead of 

I must also plead distraction as I was out of town last week for a family 
emergency.  We will get this resolved this week.

Jeff Rush

On Monday 06 June 2005 02:14 pm, Bruce Eckel wrote:
> I didn't hear back when I asked about this issue before.
> I'd really like to have my signature removed from the Internet. You
> can say that you have it, but I don't want my signature published. If
> you had told me when you asked for the release form that you were
> going to publish it on the web, I would have used my left hand or an X
> or something.

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