[Pycon2005-attendees] shared lodging for conference

Frank Wilder frankw at p-wave.com
Mon Mar 21 15:44:48 CET 2005

Sean Reifschneider wrote:

>On Fri, Mar 18, 2005 at 12:34:16PM -0600, Jeff Bauer wrote:
>>If anyone is looking for a roommate and has a motel
>>room within walking distance of the conference, please
>>contact me.  Thanks.
>A few comments:
>   Staying close to GWU is EXPENSIVE.  Last year we stayed at the hotel at
>   1 George Washington Circle, and got a really good deal, something like
>   $125/night.  This year it was more like $200 and at night the ice
>   weasels came.  The hospital is right across the street and, particularly
>   on the weekend nights the ambuilances kept us up all night.
>   The Metro is great, so it's more important to stay close to a Metro stop
>   than to stay within walking distance.  The Metro stop is 2 blocks from
>   GWU.  You want the Foggy Bottom Metro stop.

You can always try to snag a room through Priceline.

I checked out the details on making a good bid first at

and I was able to get a room for my family for $65/night at the Marriot 
Washington Westend ( 1221 22nd Street NW -- I guess it about 5 blocks away)

You have to add a few $$$ for parking, but my family wanted to be 
downtown to take advantage of the sites.


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