[Pycon2005-attendees] International Student Center far away?

Kevin Cole kjcole at gri.gallaudet.edu
Tue Mar 22 18:08:44 CET 2005

* On 2005-03-21 08:18 Stefano Masini <stefano at pragma2000.com> wrote:

> I'm staying at the International Student Center. It's located at
> 2451 18th Street N.W., but I'm not from DC, and don't really know
> how far that is from PyCon.
> Anybody knows if it's within walking distance? Are there buses in
> case it's too far?
> Is it a quiet area? Or is it noisy/dangerous?

I just got back from hosteling in Seattle late last night, so this
info is probably a bit too late to be of much use to you. You've
probably found out all you need to know by now... But, speaking as a
DC resident who lives quite close to where you're staying,

* Define "Walking Distance". ;-)  Considering your choice of
  accomodations, you probably walk a reasonable amount.  If you're up
  at a reasonable hour, it's "walking distance" by my definition, but
  I'm a late riser, so I'll walk HOME, but probably take public transit
  to arrive early enough for the start of things.

* You'll be in the heart of Adams Morgan.

* The Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA, pronounced
  "wuh-matta") has a web site, but it can be a wee bit slow.  Stay
  away from the interactive map.

* The closest Metrorail is Woodley Park/National Zoo/Adams Morgan,
  about an 8 minute walk from the ISC.  That's on the Red Line.
  You'll either have to transfer to the Orange or Blue lines at Metro
  Center station, or get off at Dupont Circle or Farragut North and
  walk.  (If you opt for transferring, get off at Metro Center and
  look for an escalator going DOWN.  At that point catch either the
  Orange Line to Vienna or a Blue Line to Franconia/Springfield. Ride
  3 stops from Metro Center.  System maps available at:

* The most direct route from where you are to PyCon is probably the
  bus.  The L1 bus has a stop a block from PyCon.  You'll need to walk
  west to Connecticut Avenue to pick it up.  However, it's not the
  most frequent of buses so check the schedule. Schedule available at:

* Adams Morgan has a lot of night life, clubs, restaurants.  Noisy,
  but relatively safe, provided you're not in the area at 2 AM.
  (There HAS been serious trouble in the area after the bars have
  closed, so don't wander around late at night.)  If you have not
  dined on Ethiopian cuisine, you'd do well to indulge while staying
  in Adams Morgan.  Lots of Ethiopian restaurants.  (Personal favorite
  is the Meskerem, about a block or two north of where you're staying
  on the west side of 18th Street, a block south of Columbia Road.)

Hope that helps!

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