[Pycon2005-attendees] International Student Center far away?

Kevin Cole kjcole at gri.gallaudet.edu
Tue Mar 22 18:24:46 CET 2005

The airport is directly connected to the Metrorail.  No need for a
shuttle. Look for signs in National Airport directing you to the Metro
bridge.  When you enter the station, after getting your fare card, be
sure to pick up a bus transfer.  (Get them when ENTERING the system --
i.e. at National not when LEAVING.  Some bus drivers get persnickity
about that.)  From the airport you can catch either the Blue line or
the Yellow line into the city.  (Blue Line to Largo Town Center or
Yellow Line to Mt. Vernon Square/7th St Convention Center.)  Get off
at Foggy Bottom GWU for PyCon.  Or transfer to the Red Line (either at
Metro Center or Gallery Place, depending on which line you're on) and
get off at Woodley Park/National Zoo/Adams Morgan for the ISC.  There
are a few different buses from the Metrorail station to the ISC.  The
cheapest is the U Street/Cardoza Link buses, which are smaller than
the regular city buses.  Might even be free with the transfer.

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