[Pycon2005-attendees] EuroPython 2005

John Pinner john at clocksoft.com
Fri Mar 25 04:10:20 CET 2005

Hello All,

This is just to tell you all about another fine Python community 
conference : EuroPython which takes place in Sweden at Göteborg from 
27th to 29th June. There are sprints both before and after the 
conference itself.

EuroPython has the same kind of community flavour as PyCon, with even 
more of an international feel. The conference is organised into themed 
tracks, including Scientific, Education, Frameworks, Python Language, 
Zope and Plone, Business and Applications and Social Skills as well as 

Göteborg is a great place to be in June, and to help with costs good 
quality accommodation has been reserved at the University at very 
reasonable costs - you can stay for as little as $25 a night.

Please join us at EuroPython, better still join us _and_ give a talk!

The EuroPython head honcho, Jacob Hallen, will be telling us more at 
PyCon tomorrow, if you want to know more please ask him, or me, in one 
of the breaks.

Come to EuroPython this June !

John Pinner

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