[Pycon2005-attendees] Seeking Feedback re Audio/Visual Formats for Distribution

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Fri Mar 25 05:03:22 CET 2005

As we are in the process of recording the sessions, both with audio-only 
recorders and full cameras w/sound for redundancy, we recording team 
members have been debating the formats in which to make the results 
available to the attendees.

The audio will be broken up into individual sessions and encoded in Ogg 
Vorbis, because its an open format, and MP3, because many portable 
devices on which attendees may wish to listen only support MP3.

The video is more problematic.  The easiest format for which we already 
have software encoders is Microsoft .wmv format, however its not an open 
format, per se.  And the format needs to be well-supported by multiple 
OS platforms.

With the video being rather larger than the audio, we may not be able to 
store multiple formats on the webserver.

We'd like feedback from the attendees regarding their preferences.  To 
avoid flooding this list with "me too's", please send responses to me at 
<jeff at taupro.com> and I'll summarize.

Jeff Rush, Recording Coordinator

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