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 +1 for an open session
how about 3pm?
I was trying to be brief in my original post and that’s the reason I stated only trivial applications.  But in doing so I made the mistake of mixing embedded database with object orient databases.  So in my post replace object orient with embedded.  It also means that I left out the discussion about object orient databases.
>From my point of view, if you have strong feelings about one type of database, you may be doing yourself a disservice as each database type has it strengths.  You should use the type or types that make sense for your application.  Choosing the right type reduces the amount of code that is required, gives better performance, and uses resources like CPU, storage, and bandwidth more efficiently.
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> yuba at conwaycorp.net wrote: 
> > John, 
> > 
> > Great post, thank-you. I was a little taken back by the attitudes shown (on 
> > both sides) of the relational v object database issue. Could it be that we, 
> as 
> > Python programmers, get a little nervous when "there's more than one way to do 
> > it" . Your post was refreshing,pointing out pros and cons to each 
> method 
> > and I can only hope attitudes like yours will win the day. 
> Hmm. I think maybe some folks are sensing more attitude than any of us 
> speakers really intend to be projecting. Or we as speakers are 
> projecting more attitude than we realize. Or a little of both. 
> In any case, maybe we could have an Open Space today with any and all 
> database folks represented. As far as the three database speakers go, 
> Ed Leafe and I had dinner together last night with some other database 
> guys (it was me against 4 Foxpro gurus ) and David Binger would 
> have joined us as well if I had been able to invite him before he left 
> for the night. 
> So I feel safe saying that we don't have any problems getting along. I 
> think it's just the nature of the beast - object databases are quite 
> different from relational databases and there is often a great deal of 
> misunderstanding in both camps. I'd love to get together and chat if 
> anyone else would. :-) 
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