[DB-SIG] Re: [Pycon2005-attendees] Pycon2005 and database divide (ODB vs relational DB)

Patrick K. O'Brien pobrien at orbtech.com
Sun Mar 27 00:44:51 CET 2005

Peter Mott wrote:
> I always understood that the weakness of Object Databases was that they
> provided no general ad hoc query language like SQL (or QUEL) though there
> was no a priori reason why they couldn't. The way relational databases were
> grounded in 1st order predicate logic (FOPC) seemed to give them an
> advantage which Object Databases despite announcements and languages to the
> contrary never quite manageed to overcome. I do know that the Relational
> Model is based on the logic of Frege (1879), the predicate logic, while the
> object model harks back to the IS_A hierarchies underpinning the logic of
> Aristotle (300 BC). I checked out the orbtech URL but found nothing about
> languages, logic or even taxonomies. So give us more evidence that the world
> has changed! It has been long announced but has not happened. Frege rules.

P.S.  Aristotle is overrated.  I've always been more of a General
Semantics (Korzybski) kind of guy myself.  But then, philosophy is also
overrated.  So I've become more of a "do your own thing" kind of guy.

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