[DB-SIG] Re: [Pycon2005-attendees] Pycon2005 and database divide (ODB vs relational DB)

Patrick K. O'Brien pobrien at orbtech.com
Sun Mar 27 16:00:48 CEST 2005

Bob Ippolito wrote:
> MonetDB <http://monetdb.cwi.nl/> is worth looking at if you're 
> interested in a hybrid model that has the relational database API  when
> you want it, and something lower level and more efficient when  you
> don't.  It also supports both the embedded and client/server  model, and
> has some pretty impressive technology behind the scenes.
> I haven't done more than play around with it, so I can't personally 
> vouch for it in a production environment, but I sure want to at some 
> point.
> (They also support Python out of the box)

Bob, could you say a little more about what you like about MonetDB and
what kind of support they have for Python?  If you could compare it to
any other DBMS or ODBMS that would be great too.  I'm just curious to
hear more from someone who has actually tried it.  Thanks.

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