[PyConUK-adm-priv] Looks like Cardiff City hall in Question Time (BBC 1)

George Hickman george at ghickman.co.uk
Fri Jun 3 17:39:51 EDT 2016

Sorry all, wrong thread, too tired to email it seems…

On 2016/06/03, George Hickman wrote:
>I need to confirm this but £3K per person is the value I was given as 
>an estimate.  However it seems that if we write a letter to the Visa 
>authority confirming the dates and reason for visit then the bond 
>shouldn't be necessary.
>On 2016/06/03, Peter Inglesby wrote:
>>Well found Neil.  I didn't notice an echo when at DjangoCon --
>>Daniele/Vince, do you remember one?
>>On 2 June 2016 at 22:54, Neil Stoker <neil at nmstoker.com> wrote:
>>>Thought it might be good to see how they've got it set up.
>>>They appear to have the panel roughly between half way and three quarters
>>>of the way up the main room with a tiered audience seating stand.
>>>Seems to be a bit of an echo too.
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