[PyConUK-adm-priv] Cardiff Conference Wireless

Zeth Green zeth at infomachine.uk
Thu Jun 9 19:08:40 EDT 2016

If we turn out to be loaded, then buy all means lets blow it on wifi.
However, if there a choice between funding content or tracks like
Transcode/Djangogirls or more financial support.

On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 11:28 PM, Peter Inglesby
<peter.inglesby at gmail.com> wrote:
> upset some people.  In particular, not everyone will have phone contracts

Well that is why take some dongles for those people.

> with enough of a data allowance for, say, downloading large packages from
> PyPI.  (The scipy wheel, for instance, is ~40MB.)

However, on the particular point of PyPi, we can take it with us to
Wales. There are lots of these mirror things, I don't know if this is
the current trendy.


Even if we do the satellites etc, this might be a good idea anyway.

> Can we wait until we've got some more information from maxwifi before making
> a decision?
> On 9 June 2016 at 13:22, Daniele Procida <daniele.procida at divio.ch> wrote:
>> Il giorno gio giu 09 2016, alle ore 13:16:46, Cory Benfield
>> <cory at lukasa.co.uk> ha scritto:
>> > Trust me when I say that if we provide crappy wifi, 50% or more of the
>> > social media response to PyCon UK will be about that crappy wifi. At tech
>> > conferences, delegates really notice when they can’t get online. And saying
>> > that we can tell delegates to bring their own mobile broadband is pretty
>> > extreme: in those cases that’s basically going to be amounting to us telling
>> > them that we were unwilling to solve a relatively simple problem.
>> My experience at DjangoCon was that I had no problem with the networking,
>> as far as I recall. However, *other people did*!
>> It doesn’t matter so much in talks, where people should be paying
>> attention not TwitterFacing, but a workshop where it doesn’t work is painful
>> for everyone involved. And if a speaker needs it, they need it.
>> Daniele
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