[Pydotorg-www] About the new build system

Stephan Deibel sdeibel at wingware.com
Wed Aug 8 05:03:20 CEST 2007

Manlio Perillo wrote:
>> That said, I don't see any reason why you can't create, release, and
>> maintain such a system based on this code.  
> Well, because then I have to maintain the system all by myself...

Hmm, yes, so it may not be worth the effort to make it general but
instead take it and make it work for python.it?  Of course there
could be parts that just make sense to generalize and share...
I'm a minor contributor at best so don't have immediate ideas on
what would and wouldn't make sense.

>> You may want to ask the
>> developers to make the licensing clear -- for the new build that would
>> be mainly Andrew Kuchling, also Martin von Loewis, David Goodger, and
>> I wrote tiny bits myself.  There may be others -- svn will know.  For
>> Pyramid (if you use any of that) it's Tim Parkin.
> Yes, this is an important question, thanks.
> Any problems if we are going to use the software, the images and the CSS 
> from python.org?

I don't think there's any problem.

We're still trying to do a formal copyright transfer of the logo and
python.org design but I really doubt that's going to be an issue.
The designer (Tim Parkin) has already agreed wrt the logo, anyway.

As for the software, it would be good to have the most active
contributor (probably Andrew) slap a license on it and check it in.

- Stephan

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