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Georg Brandl georg at python.org
Sun Apr 18 11:08:05 CEST 2010

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Am 18.04.2010 10:21, schrieb "Martin v. Löwis":

>> Patch queue can be applied to a newer version of MoinMoin and you can
>> see which patches are integrated upsteam, which fail and need to be
>> refreshed, so the process of upgrade will be much easier.
> Or are you talking about the source code of MoinMoin? We are using the
> Debian packages, and upgrading them (whenever a new Debian release is
> made) works fine.

I do think that a patch queue is an easier way to maintain a set of changes
to the original code base, as we do at least for Roundup (don't know about
MoinMoin).  However, I don't do the maintenance, so I won't try to prescribe
a workflow to the people doing the actual work.

>> "Please wait", "please drop", "please stop", ... What is next? Martin,
>> I really value your efforts in maintaining python.org and contributing
>> to various pieces of software on backend. You are doing a lot of work,
>> but this doesn't mean you do not need help.
> The problem is that you are not helping *at all*. Instead of producing
> less work for me (and everybody else), you produce *more work*.
> Please pick an aspect where you *can* contribute, rather than CONSTANTLY
> picking things where you cannot contribute, and demanding that these
> things change.
> Also, start accepting that things are done differently from what you
> would expect. Learn how things are done, and truly consider adjusting to
> that. Propose changes to processes only if you can carry out those
> changes mostly on your own, without involving five people to do the
> change for you.

Big +1.  This should be framed and put somewhere in the contribution guide.

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