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* Paul Boddie <paul at boddie.org.uk>:
> On Tuesday 20 April 2010 00:17:44 Richard Leland wrote:
> > Hi Stephan - definitely useful! I couldn't agree more that the presentation
> > is extremely important. The goals in the docs aren't in any specific order.
> > Right now they are all of equal weight. When we get to the implementation
> > stage I think we'll probably have to prioritize and break the project into
> > phases.
> >
> > Keep the feedback coming!
> Take a look at the following document:
> http://wiki.python.org/moin/MarketingPython
> It's a bit verbose, but it covers quite a few reflections I had after the last 
> python.org redesign.

A good read. I'd like to add my two cent from my experience as information

- The website and the website experience are placeholders for the product i.e.
  Python. If we state that Python is this and that e.g. easier to use, better
  to read etc. then the Website must be that way too. The website as a
  placeholder must prove the Python promise.
- Don't tell people what Python will do (=work) for them. Tell them what they
  will get (=result), instead. Though there are many people out there who use
  Python because of itself, the majority will use it to gain something else.
  The "something else" should be communicated. If people buy the story, they
  will start using Python because they want to reach the goal behind Python.
  Market Python with goals people reached using Python.
- Don't try to satisfy any stakeholders interests! Stick to a few, strong
  stakeholders. Make it a straight story. Implement core features, content
  etc. Measure and improve. Drop things that don't work. Over time this will
  create a sound and solid base that allows to bring in other, less important
- Compared to email, chat and other communication forms websites are
  monologues. Write "mobilizing information" so people need not start a
  dialogue in a monologue media - they only will if they cannot avoid.

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