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> My feedback on Rich's outline document so far:
>   ...
>      The job board seems to be a well-used part of the site, at least based
>      on the number of posting requests I've seen and notes about taking
>      down postings because positions have been filled.  There is a fair
>      amount of give-and-take at times between Martin and the people posting
>      job announcements to help the submitters get their posts into
>      reasonable form and with appropriate content.  (At least once a month
>      I would suspect that postings with no apparent Python relevance are
>      sent to the jobs address.)  The job board is a good marketing tool for
>      Python the language.  I think it would be a shame if the high quality
>      of the content was diluted by lack of oversight.

The time consuming part of the Job Board is the formatting of posts
(wrestling them into RST) more so than the maintenance of the page. The
back and forth where we (mostly me) try to get the minimum details
required (and sometimes shorten the posting) is a workflow that seems
naturally to align with email. I am aware that to some, the volume of mail
for the postings (particularly replies and acknowledgements) may seem
like spam but it helps track progress on postings (allowing volunteers to
stay in sync without any other tools). It also demonstrates that the
marketplace is active which I think is a positive point when promoting

There is also work done by the mail server team who vet postings before
they get onto the list.

All that said, I am open to suggestions for change or improvement. Let
me know how I can help.

Cheers // Martin

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