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Richard Leland rich at richleland.com
Wed Apr 21 18:31:00 CEST 2010

>     * (Agility) I don't think the site content is difficult to update.  It
>>       is in a fairly simple to read/write text format.  Except when brain
>>       cramps get in my way, updating the site generally involves little
>> more
>>       than editing the text and checking in the changed file(s).
>>  Switching
>>       to some kind of through-the-web editing system would be massive
>>       overkill in my opinion.
> Right, so it involves at least use of subversion and understanding of
> reStructured Text format - plus checkin rights or the ability to create a
> patch. If you *already* know all this stuff then it is easy. If you don't
> then it isn't... I think that this particular question is something we are
> never likely to get consensus on amongst all those involved and the PSF
> board should make a decision based on their goals for the site.

I agree with Michael - as someone that is getting familiar with the process
it just doesn't seem as agile as it could be. For instance, if there was a
decision to add 5 new sections with 30 pages of content, which method would
be faster for updating - a through-the-web-based approach or the existing
create files, check in, build? I'm not sure one is faster than the other and
I'm sure there would be varying opinions on that. Maybe the way to approach
this question is thinking about who could be editing the content. Should it
always be technical individuals or should someone with writing skills be
able to update the site as well?

>     * (Localization) I would like to see some way to highlight local user
>       group meetings.  I realize that's somewhat at odds with my comments
>>       above about news items.  It might be worthwhile to also offer
>> storage/
>>       display/indexing space for presentations from local user group
>> talks.
> It would be very good if we could include ways for user groups to have a
> "home" on Python.org - publishing meeting details and news.
> The other side of the coin to localization is internationalization - it
> would be great to host / support other translations and even have a way for
> users to create / suggest new translations for parts of the documentation.
> Quite a big project to do it completely.
I had a brief chat with Steve about this - we could look into using
something like Transifex to get the community to contribute the i18n
content. http://www.transifex.net/

>      * (Extensibility) I'm not sure what you're after here.  I think you
>> need
>>       to expand, maybe give an example.
Steve mentioned the possibility of adding some APIs for accessing
python.orgcontent - perhaps allowing users to create their own apps -
PyPI browsing on
iPhone, user group meeting widgets, calendars, release notes, etc. This one
would have to be more thought through for sure.

- Rich
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