[pydotorg-www] You want submissions? Spread some swag around...

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Fri Apr 23 04:51:42 CEST 2010

It seems to me that if you really want inputs in the form of bug reports,
patches, design suggestions, wiki cleanup, etc, you should reward people for
those inputs.  Some thoughts (really just thinking out loud):

    * Every time a person who has never received swag before submits a valid
      bug report they are entered in a weekly drawing for a t-shirt or mug
      with a design/text commemorating the event.  Something like "I found a
      bug in Python".  Limit one shirt/mug per person.  (Once you've won
      something you can't win another.)  The more valid bug reports
      submitted (by whatever means) the more chances you have to win some
      exclusive swag.  Over time there would be a pretty high probability
      that most bug submitters will get rewarded.

    * Same idea, but more exclusive.  Every time someone submits a patch
      which is accepted they are entered in a similar drawing (but maybe one
      held less often, monthly perhaps?).  Something like "I fixed a bug in
      Python".  Same limit applies.

    * Maybe have a bug submitters and fixers BOF at PyCon as further

I would suggest excluding python-dev subscribers from receiving these
prizes.  The idea is to grow the number of contributors.

These should be prizes you can't get elsewhere.  Can't buy 'em.  Won't see
PyCon staff members wearing such shirts unless they won them in legit
fashion.  Even Guido won't have one.


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