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Georg Brandl georg at python.org
Sun Apr 25 09:56:07 CEST 2010

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Am 25.04.2010 09:29, schrieb anatoly techtonik:
> On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 4:28 AM, Carl Trachte <ctrachte at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> I am writing to request the addition of the attached jpg with a link
>>>> to the Python Wiki's Languages page to the python.org homepage.
> I thought you'd like to put developers/contributors as well as
> organizations and donors on this map.

No.  It's just a symbol for "go international".

> This pixelated jpeg is of very bad quality - it reminds me about those
> ancient pages with animated gifs and HTML 2.0 markup. Is there a
> hi-res source for it to make a .png?

Sorry, I don't see any "pixelation" or bad quality.  The image is nicely
antialiased.  Except of course if you blow it up to different sizes.  But
that's not necessary here.

>>> It's easily done, but I'm not sure where to put the graphic.
>>> Here's a draft that adds it in two places, to both the left and right
>>> sidebars.
>>> http://www.amk.ca/files/python/world.html
>>> The left-side problem: that portion of the page template is from the
>>> standard site template, so adding the graphic there will put it on
>>> every single page.
> But it looks nice there.

Agreed, I would put it on the left.  It should be made a lighter shade of
grey though; maybe like the "Quick links" link's foreground color.

>>> The right-side problem: that side is already very full; where do we
>>> want to put the graphic?  I've put it below the house ad but above the
>>> 'so-and-so uses Python'.  If it goes below the 'Using Python for...' box,
>>> the graphic will be hard to notice.
> It looks out of place between boxes. It also makes front page even
> more skewed to the right. Right side is already long enough
> http://python.org/


>>> Proposal: maybe we should just drop the 'Using Python for' box
>>> completely?  Or maybe it's OK to put the world map on every single
>>> page, on the left-hand side?
> I'd make "uses Python.." and "What they are saying..." mutually
> exclusive showing only one at a time.

Alternately, we could make use of the large center space, and put the
news and the "Using for..." side-by-side.

>> 2) having a link from anywhere on python.org directly to the Languages
>> page on the wiki is more than what is there now.
> I.e. we need at least one i18n link in the site.
>> 3) having it on every page IMO is overkill.

But the "Help fund Python" link is on every page as well.

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