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Ethan Schoonover es at ethanschoonover.com
Sun Apr 25 23:03:17 CEST 2010

Privacy is always a hot button issue and I'm seeing a lot of valid
points here. As an EFF/EPIC supporter, I am certainly a privacy
advocate though I also believe we can find good, modern metrics
solutions while still respecting privacy (baby/bathwater).

I would thus propose that due to the importance of this issue we add
it to Richard's site development plan.

Ideally, a page at python.org/privacy could detail the site privacy
policy and provide useful pointers to other sites related to online
privacy (an issue complex enough I doubt Python.org would be the best
clearing house of information on it).

I would additionally recommend that any privacy policy proposal
submitted to the PSF as part of the python.org project 2010 also
factor in the many ways that Python is increasingly represented in
social media (Facebook, Twitter?). While it may at first seems outside
the ken of python.org, I think it's good to at least have some opinion
about engagement with these types of sites and what, if any (or no),
interaction takes place between the .org and other online python

Thus, an addendum to Richard's plan in the Project Goals section along
the lines of:



Develop a working set of privacy guidelines that would apply to the
Python.org website. Clarify internal Python.org privacy
stance/policies and how these policies translate to issues such as
site metrics collection on python.org. Establish provisional stance on
how privacy policies relate (if at all) to social media communities
related to Python. Develop links or simple guidelines for users that
wish to increase their online privacy settings.


Ethan Schoonover

es at ethanschoonover.com

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