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Ethan Schoonover es at ethanschoonover.com
Tue May 4 00:36:09 CEST 2010


As part of my contribution to this stage of the Python.org project
I've volunteered to start compiling use cases. Before I can do this, I
need to compile *user-profiles*. In other words *who* comes to
Python.org (or who *should* come, even if they aren't now) and *why*
do they visit.

Mailing List Brainstorming

There are a lot of ways to put together lists like this. Market
research, competitive review, internal brainstorming, etc. This is a
call for *internal brainstorming*.

**There are no wrong ideas in a brainstorming session.**

I'd rather not debate specific user profiles in this thread. What I
want is the broadest possible collection of ideas that I can then add
to my own lists and collect into a cohesive draft of base profiles.


Here are a couple examples that might kick start your own ideas/descriptions:

Pythonista under Pointed Haired Boss
Already committed Python coder needs to convince senior IT or upper
management why Python makes sense for their organization. Looking for
information on Python.org that can help make her case.

Uncommitted Researcher
User looking to pick amongst the current crop of Python peer level
languages. May have a specific or general need. Wants to compare
LanguageX to Python or may simply be looking for that final
confirmation that Python is the best option for their needs.

Greybeard Switcher
Expert programmers switching to Python (reasons for switching?)...
wants a high level, just the facts ma'am summary so that he/she can
make own decision or jump start learning.

Coerced Coed
Students that are required to learn Python as part of a course. Looking for...?

What I'd like you to do

If you want to contribute, please reply to this thread with a user
profile (and brief description if you want). Short and sweet is fine.
Duplicates are fine. Variations on a theme or on another person's idea
are fine.

What I'll do with this information

I'll be working to identify common aspects to the user descriptions
(experience, commitment, relationship to Python community, needs,
etc.). This will become part of the draft report as detailed in
Richard's existing plan.


Ethan Schoonover

es at ethanschoonover.com

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